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Book Review || Effective Presentation Skills by Steve Mandel

Hello Netizens, 
Recently I read a new book, and it is Effective Presentation Skills by Steve Mandel. 

Effective Presentation Skills by Steve Mandel, is a book that offers tips on how to improve and conduct a successful presentation. 

It is a quick read and a short book. 

The content of the book is direct and sufficient. I usually complain about nonfiction books, because they tend to repeat points and over-explain topics, however, this book did not do this. The writing style is simple; Easy to read. I flew through this book in less than an hour. 

I did find the skills the book contains to be useful. I haven't applied them yet, nevertheless, the book made me aware in which area I am lacking and it has opened my eyes on what I should do to better my presentations.

I would recommend you this book if you need to do presentations. Although the book is old, it did not come across as outdated, as it teaches skills that can be applied on the technology you prefer. 

Overall, it is a nice quick ed…

Book Review || CELL by Stephen King

Dear Netizens,
Yesterday night, I stayed up quite late to finish a novel I have been enjoying the past couple days. I had fun reading Cell by Stephen King, hence, I have got a lot of opinions to express along.

Clayton Riddell is a comic artist hoping to have his big hit with his latest work, unfortunately, the Pulse hits the world before he could. In his journey of survival, Clay, meets a couple stranger who would become his friends for the long journey to find his son. 

Cell is a zombie novel, that wants to tackle various topics in only 400+ pages. These themes ranged from fatherhood, programming, Zombies, humanity, Herd Mentality, and Friendship. I have enjoyed all the aspect of the book, but they barely scrapped the surface for most part. 

'At bottom, you see, we are not Homo sapiens at all. Our core is madness. The prime directive is murder. What Darwin was too polite to say,my friend, is that we came to rule the Earth not because we were the smartest, or even the meanest, but be…

Book Review || Ergonomics For Beginners

Hello Netizens, This week I finished reading 'Ergonomics For Beginners: A Quick Reference Guide by Jan Dul and Bernard A.Weerdmeester'. This book is an introduction to Ergonomics and provides a wide understanding of how ergonomics is applied or incorporated in various fields. 

I didn't know much about ergonomics, and this book provided me with a brief and direct introduction to the ever-expanding field. I like the writing style, it is direct and to the point and there is no beating around the bush or repetition of the same points.
Keep in mind, this book was first published in 1963, hence, some of the information regarding technology (and computers) are extremely outdated. Nevertheless, I would still recommend this book if you have no idea what ergonomics is and you would like to start reading about it.

I gave this book 4/5 stars ⭐ Thank you for reading!

Book Review || Use Your Perfect Memory by Tony Buzan

Hello Beautiful People, 
Use Your Perfect Memory by Tony Buzan is a self help book on how to improve your memory, or in better words 'Use it'. 
I decided to pick this book up, because I am learning a new language and it is difficult for me to retain new vocabulary. Hence, I though this book would help me improve my memory. The book covers various ways and systems you could do and use to put your brain into better use.  
The author goes through the Link System, The Peg memory system, The alphabet system, The major system and finally Mindmaps. The Link system is what I normal would use to memories difficult words (with weird spelling), however, the extent of the use of this system discussed by the author is beyond what I regularly would do. The system is actually very useful; For instance, if you want to memories your shopping list in order, you create a storyline that contain all the items. The storyline should contain elements from all your senses to aid in memorisation. I still …

Book Review || Lulu The Broadway Mouse by Jenna Gavigan

Hello beautiful people,
Last night I ended up staying up until 2 am reading this cute and fun book. I had to sleep to wake up early the next day, but I couldn't bring myself to put it down. I kept on telling myself I am just gonna read a few more pages, or I am gonna stop at the end of this chapter. I kept on setting new deadlines, until I reached the end of the novel.
The book that made me stay up at night is 'Lulu The Broadway Mouse' by Jenna Gavigan. it is a middle grade novel about a mouse called Lucy Louise or Lulu. Lulu, lives with her family in Broadway, THE Broadway! and she dreams of having her debut in a theatre she calls Home. 

Lulu narrates her story and I enjoyed reading from her perspective. She is sassy, witty and the biggest fangirl. I loved her personality. She isn't perfect, which is great. It makes Lulu, the mouse, more "human". Because the story is narrated by a witty young mouse, it allows for a very simple yet engaging writing style. I stro…

MY JUNE TBR || Stephen King, Historical Non-Fiction and Middle Grade

Hello Beautiful People

For this month, I have decided to have a tbr. I usually don't do TBRs, because I am a mood reader and I might not feel in the mood to read a book I have picked at the beginning at the month. What brought me to a change in mind is, I want to read more and maybe a tbr would help me do so.

The first book on my list is a book I am currently reading and it is 'Rasputine: A Short History by Frances Welch'. I started reading this book a while ago and I ended up finding a lot of issues with it. So, for this month, I would like to finish it and get it over with. 
I recently started reading Cell by Stephen King, and I am impressed by the writing. So far, the book is continuing with the scene it started with, but it doesn't feel stretched out at all. The story is fast paced and thrilling, and I am all for it. This is going to be my third Stephen King book, I have read Carrie and On Writing before, and I can't wait to devour it. 
After I am done with Stephen…

Book Review || Murder Makes Waves by Anne George

Hello Beautiful People 

Today, I finished reading I novel I have been reading for a while, but unable to finish due to University. Now that I've finished, let me share my opinions on it. 

The novel I have finished reading is Murder Makes Waves by Anne George; it is the fourth book in the Southern Sisters series. The genre is cozy mystery. 

I have tried to pitch this book to a friend of mine who enjoys reading crime/mysteries too, however, the fact that the characters are in their sixties and on a vacations seemed too obscure. The plot attracted me, and I was in the mood for a crime novel but without the dark and heavy atmosphere. I wanted something light and mysterious at the same time.

This book is basically that. 'Murder Makes Waves' is about two sisters who go on vacation and then a friend of theirs gets killed. I enjoyed the many aspects the author involves in her story, and it makes the book more enjoyable.

I enjoyed the mystery, but after 200 pages I was done with it. I…