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Book Review || Ergonomics For Beginners

Hello Netizens, This week I finished reading 'Ergonomics For Beginners: A Quick Reference Guide by Jan Dul and Bernard A.Weerdmeester'. This book is an introduction to Ergonomics and provides a wide understanding of how ergonomics is applied or incorporated in various fields. 

I didn't know much about ergonomics, and this book provided me with a brief and direct introduction to the ever-expanding field. I like the writing style, it is direct and to the point and there is no beating around the bush or repetition of the same points.
Keep in mind, this book was first published in 1963, hence, some of the information regarding technology (and computers) are extremely outdated. Nevertheless, I would still recommend this book if you have no idea what ergonomics is and you would like to start reading about it.

I gave this book 4/5 stars ⭐ Thank you for reading!