Book Review || Lulu The Broadway Mouse by Jenna Gavigan

Hello beautiful people,

Last night I ended up staying up until 2 am reading this cute and fun book. I had to sleep to wake up early the next day, but I couldn't bring myself to put it down. I kept on telling myself I am just gonna read a few more pages, or I am gonna stop at the end of this chapter. I kept on setting new deadlines, until I reached the end of the novel.

The book that made me stay up at night is 'Lulu The Broadway Mouse' by Jenna Gavigan. it is a middle grade novel about a mouse called Lucy Louise or Lulu. Lulu, lives with her family in Broadway, THE Broadway! and she dreams of having her debut in a theatre she calls Home. 

Lulu the Broadway Mouse

Lulu narrates her story and I enjoyed reading from her perspective. She is sassy, witty and the biggest fangirl. I loved her personality. She isn't perfect, which is great. It makes Lulu, the mouse, more "human". Because the story is narrated by a witty young mouse, it allows for a very simple yet engaging writing style. I strongly believe, if not for the writing style, I wouldn't have stayed up all night reading about the great characters in this book. 

I also love every other character in the book. Stella, Maya, Jayne, Heather and Amanda. Even though Amanda is the antagonist in the story, she didn't come of as caricature-ish and I also felt that she is older than the other young girls in the story. 

The plot is simple, Lulu the mouse wants to become an actress in Broadway even though she is a mouse. This is the overall plot of the story, but the author spends time letting us know more about Broadway and what happens behind its magical curtains. We get to know the actors, technicians and the nighty years old seamstress.

The story has an overall moral as it reaches the end, but throughout the book Lulu learns different lessons and we get to see her grow as a mouse. 

I recommend this book for everyone to read. Yes it is a middle grade, but it is still an enjoyable read for an older audience, especially if you are in love with Broadway. 

[I have received an ARC of this novel for an honest review]