Book Review || I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While By Taichi Yamada

Hello Netizens, 

I have always wanted to try reading literature from other parts of the world, unfortunately, despite my wants I only speak Arabic and English (and a little of French), which pushes me to read translated works to explore different cultures and its literature.

This leads me to this novel, 'I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While' by Taichi Yamada. Beautiful name for a book. The title caught my eyes across so many books and I managed to see it even though it lied at the lower shelves.

I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While

Title:  I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While
Author: Taichi Yamada
Genre: Fiction, Speculative fiction
Synopsis: After accident, illness and the loss of his job and marriage, 48-year-old Taura meets Mutsuko, setting his already derailed life even further off course. Their first encounter is, unseen, in a hospital. It later transpires that the mysterious Mutsuko is in her late sixties, but when they next meet she is in her forties.

Rating: (2/5) Stars

I just wish the content was as good as the title or even the blurb. The only time I found myself enjoying this book, is toward the last few pages.

The issues I came across the books are:
1. Arrogant male lead.
3. Airheaded female lead.
4. Sexism.

Going into to this novel, I knew it was a romance; however, I didn't know it was some perverted unemployed middle aged guy's sex fantasies. The entire story is of the two leads banging each other each time they met. They just met to sleep together, and each time they met the female lead is younger. It is a badly written kinky book.

This felt like a waste for a nice premise. The story could have been deep or maybe tried to be deep, but the author didn't even try to brush the effects of what is happening to the female lead (she was away for most of the book). The male lead didn't really start thinking that she might die, until later on in the book.

So many questions were left unanswered.

This is supposed to be a ghost story and a heartbreaking love story. Did I get either? No.


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