Book Review || Tough Things First by Ray Zinn

Tough Things First: Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley's Longest Serving CEO

Title: Tough Things First
Genre: Non-Fiction
Synopsis: Silicon Valley pioneer Ray Zinn, CEO of top microchip company Micrel for 37 years, shows entrepreneurs and executives how to lead and succeed by tackling the Tough Things First

In high school, Ray Zinn s track coach told him he was too short to run the hurdles. Ray took this as a challenge and, after months of hard training, became the fastest hurdler on the team. That drive and self-discipline is, to Zinn, the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. It s what pushed him to achieve the impossible, founding a Silicon Valley microchip company without venture capital and turning it into a global empire with an enviable 37-year track record as CEO.

Rating: (3/5) Stars 


It is actually an interesting read (or at least to me); however, I've lost interest in what the book is offering around page 120. After a while from reading this book, it becomes extremely repetitive and drags on certain topics for way too long. This book could have been shorter.

When I've read the Preface, I was taken by the narrative. It is funny and raw, unfortunately, as the book went on the enchanting narrative begun to slowly disappear away. I felt like I was reading a textbook; I wouldn't have picked the book up if the preface reflected more on the actual content of the book.

Nevertheless, I did receive great insight from reading 'Tough Things First', and I wish I was just a little more committed to go through the whole book.


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