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Hello netizens,

We use the word 'Media' in our everyday life, usually to refer to the news. Well, news received either through newspapers or cable news is media. However, media isn't limited only to news. 

What is Media 

According to the Oxford dictionary, Media is "The main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively."

The word 'Media' is used to describe any means of communication. It refers to the platform or form of communication. For instance, using words to share your thoughts to other people is a form of media.

Media has existed since the beginning of our existence, the only difference is the form. Cave painting, rock art, Petroglyphs... etcetera, are early forms of media used by the respective society to communicate with each other.  

Media also has the power to influence people. It Inspires, informs, entertains, motivates, propogates and educates. If used for the right purposes, media is benefecial but it can also be a deadly weapon on society - A double edged sword.

Writing as a Medium

Writing is a medium developed by societies to aid in communication and to be used along the spoken language. Every language's system of writing follows spoken grammatical rules, vocabulary and semantics. There are multiple systems of writing used by different languages, and they are: 
  • Logographic (example: Chinese characters)
  • Syllabic (example: Ethiopic) 
  • Alphabetic (example: English)
  • Featural (example: Korean Hangul) 
  • Ideographic (example: Egyptian hieroglyphs)
  • Pictographic (example: Aztec) 

The product of writing is called text, and an individual who consumes text is called a reader. Writing has been used as an instrument to record history, maintain culture and to spread/share knowledge. 

The tools and materials used for writing have changed, to the better, through history. Rock, wood, and metal have been used as a medium, before paper has been invented, and now in the digital age we use our computers to write and communicate with others all across the world. 

Digital Media 

Digital media is any medium that uses computers - with their binary language - and also includes interactivity, such as; Forums, blogs and social media. Using traditional medias on a computer doesn't make them digital forms of media. 

The ability to interact on a platform made to share thoughts and ideas, is what makes digital media unique and mostly beneficial. It allows people to come together, share thoughts and expand on their horizons easily. The reason why it is easy, is due to computers being bi-directional and addressable. 

Websites like 'Youtube' revolutionised television, by allowing creators to post their videos on a platform where the viewer and the creator can interact together. It changed the idea of consuming recorded videos, and made it easier for creative minds to get recognise by posting their work.

And now Television channels are active on youtube and other social media. Although they are not receiving the same amount of recognition online as other online personalities - due to the lack of connection made between the viewer an the creator- It shows that mass media will eventually adapt to the new age of digital media.

I believe, no one can deny the involvement of media in our lives, and how important it is for us. Media will always change, and continue to progress our society forward as long as it is used properly. 



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