February Wrap Up

Hello Beautiful people, 

Today I am going to discuss the books I have read in the month of February. This past month I haven't read a lot, only two books. I gave one of the books five stars and the other one, well... I DNFed it. 

I try to avoid DNFing books as much as I can, but the writing didn't work for me at all. So far this year, I have DNFed two books, a fiction and a non-fiction book. This is new for me, as I barely DNF books and we are still in the third month of 2018. So who knows, I might give up on even more books as the year passes by. 

A Flare of Hope (Jaylior, #1)The book I have DNFed, is a novel I personally received from the author (e-book). It is not an ARC; it is a published book, so if it interests you, you can fetch it from Amazon. I won't share much of my thoughts, however, I will let you  know what the book is about. 

Title: A Flare of Hope

Author: Elodie Colt 

Synopsis: She represented his own personal hell, yet she was his only chance of salvation...

Haylie was evolutional perfection. One of a few hundred in the world. Even the colour of her eyes was so rare, it had its own name—jaylior.
They hunted her. They wanted her dead. And when they attacked, a boy saved her in exchange for his life. Another murder happening in front of her eyes. Brutally killed, just like they killed her sister. How the hell should she go on with her life, knowing their deaths were her fault?...
You can read the rest of the synopsis here.

The book I finished in the month of February is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling. After I finished reading this book, I just wrote on my goodreads "So this is the end." With all honesty, it is hard to just end a series you have spend so much of your time reading and getting attached to all the characters in the book. It took me a while to process, This IS the end

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)While reading the series, sometimes I did feel annoyed by the characters or by the decisions carried by them; however, in this book, none of these feelings existed. I was rooting for the characters and wanted  them to succeed no matter what. Even when they make"bad" decisions it moved the plot forward. Might have lead to the death of certain characters, but saved others. 

(spoiler warning) 
Dumbledore's perfect image we, the readers, had while reading the series begun to crack. It is sad knowing a god-like character in the universe, isn't s great as we thought he is. Nevertheless, it shows that no one is really perfect and everyone is a bit twisted (or used to). 
One of the characters I was hoping I would warm up to, is Severus Snape. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I know many love him and many hate him. Currently, I am neutral about him. Yes, he is (was) bad, but his life was miserable. He was also used/manipulated by Dumbledore, so it sort of softened my hatred for the character. 
Previously to reading this book, I haven't seen either movies, but I did know about all the deaths that occur in this book as well as the ending (I was spoilt by the internet, sad. I know).
During this month I did read other books, but I haven't managed to finish them. At the moment, there are four book on my 'Currently Reading' shelf on goodreads. You can follow my reading process on my goodreads's account here

Well, thank you for reading and reaching the end of my blogpost entry. I hope you enjoyed this quick little humble wrap up, and hopefully, next time, I will come with a larger reading wrap up!


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