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Poem || SUN

I can't see the sun
Or feel her heat from above
It is dark where I am
And cold without my mum
The silence rings in my ear
and I can't move at all
I thought I heard someone
But it was my breath going numb
My eyes are all open
But the sun is still gone
Did I hear something
No, it was the sand all along
I can't feel my hands
Or move my legs around
My hair seems stuck
and dirt is in my mouth
I wanted to scream mum
But my voice fell apart
I wanted to see the sun
And embrace her with my hands
But she was away
Before I say goodbye
To my mum and little sunshine


Hello Netizens,
This week I got the chance to watch my first Zhang Yimou film, and it is 'Not One Less'

I thought about summarising the film in one word, but I seem to never settle on one in particular. Not One Less is a touching film, a visually beautiful film and a film that successfully portrayed the importance of education in rural and poor areas of China.
Not One Less, a 1999 drama film, revolves around a 13 years old substitute teacher, Teacher Wei, as she teaches in Shuiquan Primary School. She is the heroin of the movie, but not like every movie, she is not special, Wei is ordinary... Very ordinary. Her only qualifications is that no one else wants the job, good handwriting and knows one song about chairman Mao.
As I watched the film I eagerly waited for her to blossom into a life changing teacher, However, this is not this kind of film. Everything is very subtle, it is satisfying to watch the story unfold and not attempt to be over the top. 
The characters in the f…

Filmmaker Yimou Zhang

Dear netizens,

For this week, I have got another admirable individual I want to introduce you to. You must have seen one of his films before or at least heard of them. This creator is Zhang Yimou. 
Zhang Yimou was born in the 2nd of April 1950, he is a Chinese filmmaker that receive huge recognition from the west and challenged the censorship rules of China. He is counted to be from the fifth generation of filmmakers in china. 
His films are recognised for having strong colour palettes, and his vibrant colours distinguish him from other creators. Zhang Yimou dabbles in themes as the resilience  of Chinese people in the face of hardships,  which can be seen in his film 'Not One Less'.
Several of Zhang Yimou's films were banned in his homeland, which led for outside viewers - mainly from the west -  to recognise his work. He begun his journey as a cinematographer in 1984, after graduating on 1982 from the Beijing Film Academy, with his first film 'Yellow Earth'. The …

Poem || A Response

Hello netizens, 
For one of my classes I had to write two poems that responded to the poems we were given. I personally enjoy reading and writing, so why not start by sharing one of the poems.
The poem I responded to is 'Virtue' by George Herbert. When I read this poem, I believed it is about the sun setting and the night taking over the land. During the day the earth holds so much beauty, however, during the night everything feels so dead. Recently, I came to the realisation that the poem holds so much more meaning than what I thought it did, so forgive the incompetent old me.
I didn't name the poem when I wrote it, so let me name it now. Here is me response to virtue, 'Its Alive!'

It is alive!  If you knew where to land your eyes,  listened to the music a bird might chant or gave some attention to the lives  that wonder and live at night 
It is alive!  when it might seem lonely and dark  or depressing for the silence it invites  but for a traveler its stars are …

Describe || MEDIA

Hello netizens,
We use the word 'Media' in our everyday life, usually to refer to the news. Well, news received either through newspapers or cable news is media. However, media isn't limited only to news. 
What is Media According to the Oxford dictionary, Media is "The main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively."
The word 'Media' is used to describe any means of communication. It refers to the platform or form of communication. For instance, using words to share your thoughts to other people is a form of media.
Media has existed since the beginning of our existence, the only difference is the form. Cave painting, rock art, Petroglyphs... etcetera, are early forms of media used by the respective society to communicate with each other.  
Media also has the power to influence people. It Inspires, informs, entertains, motivates, propogates and educates. If used for the right purposes, media is benefecia…


Hello Netizens,
On Friday, I got the chance to watch two short films, and they were 'Down The Cellar' and 'Food' by  Jan Švankmajer - which introduced me to this extraordinary artist. 
I have always been interested in surrealism - since I saw 'The persistence of Time' as a child. Surrealist artworks never failed to make me feel uncomfortable and I would stare at them for a while to grasp the meaning behind them.

Down the cellar wasn't an exception. The film shows a little girl's journey as she travels down the cellar to bring some potatoes and all the unfortunate situations she has gotten into.
The film focuses on triggering your senses, the sounds seemed heightened and you can almost feel what the characters touch. There is no background music to distract you, and the sound of footsteps or the water as the woman squeezes the piece of fabric are strong and almost too real.

The composition of the frames didn't reveal everything, and they always limite…

The Surrealist Jan Švankmajer

Hello netizens, 
I would like to introduce you to an artist that didn't fail to shock me. His short films transport their viewers into a dream like trance and leave an everlasting impression on them. This artist is Jan Švankmajer. 
Jan Švankmajer was born in the year Czech surrealist group was formed, 1934, and which he will be heavily involved in through out his career. He is a filmmaker with nearly 30 films, created using multiple techniques ranging from live-action, stop motion and puppet work.
He is a visionary, that strives to give life to objects and allow them to move freely. Inanimate objects in his films usually stood as metaphors for ideas or emotions, and communicated to the viewers. Jan Švankmajer's films contained surrealism or surrealistic philosophies, and he considers his film "Conspirators of Pleasure" to be the most surrealist film he has created.

Today I watched his film "Darkness Light Darkness" which was made in 1989, and I thoroughly …

Entry One || The Six Ws

Hello Netizens, 
For my first entry on this weekly Journal, let me introduce myself, using the 6 Ws. 
First W Who am I?
I am Alaa Alkhulaqui, a creative multimedia student from the country Yemen, and currently living in Malaysia. I have been in Malaysia for three years - can't speak Malay yet - and I will be spending longer time in this beautiful country as I go for my degree.
Second W What makes me, me?
Many things makes me who I am today, my family perhaps or the shows I grew up watching as a little Kid. Nevertheless, what I believe really makes me today are my ambitions and hopes for the future. 
Third W When did I become who I am?
Everyday I grow to become a different person, with different set of morals or new and hopefully better opinions. I try my best to be open for all opinions and ideas - even if they make me uncomfortable - for the sake of becoming the best version of "Me."
Fourth W Why do I try to be me?
As I mentioned before, that I am a creative multimedia st…