Book Review || Behind the Scenes: Avant-Garde Techniques of Contemporary Design

Hello Beautiful People, 

A while ago I've picked up this book on architecture and design from the library, and I finally finished reading it now. The topic interested me, and I thought I would find something useful for my major (I am taking Industrial Design).

The book started on a good note, talking about CAD, the software used and how they function. I find the later unnecessary, nevertheless, it is great to read about if you don't know how the software processes your inputs.

The book slowly progresses toward techniques architects have used to create their designs. it is interesting, but so much of what is tackled in the book I already knew about. Especially the second half. The book switches to discuss topics such as; interface design, interactivity and VR, which isn't why I have picked this book up for
Moreover, everything the book mentions about VR is generally known knowledge, but written obnoxiously. The writing style makes the book an extremely slow read, and I considered DNFing it on multiple occasions.

The book provides visuals and descriptions beneath them. On some instances, the visuals work well with the topic discussed. For example; in page 51, chapter 3.5, the book explains the use of lasers to scan objects and transfer them to a computer. Later on the scanned image can be compiled, the materials chosen and the shape manipulated. The visuals in page 52 and 53 work great with the topic. However, I can't say the same thing for the rest of the images the book uses.

I think I would recommend this book to someone who knows nothing about how digital designs are created in a computer, however, I fear the writing style of the book and the way information is presented would push them away from architecture (or Design).


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