MY JUNE TBR || Stephen King, Historical Non-Fiction and Middle Grade

Hello Beautiful People

For this month, I have decided to have a tbr. I usually don't do TBRs, because I am a mood reader and I might not feel in the mood to read a book I have picked at the beginning at the month. What brought me to a change in mind is, I want to read more and maybe a tbr would help me do so.

The first book on my list is a book I am currently reading and it is 'Rasputine: A Short History by Frances Welch'. I started reading this book a while ago and I ended up finding a lot of issues with it. So, for this month, I would like to finish it and get it over with. 

I recently started reading Cell by Stephen King, and I am impressed by the writing. So far, the book is continuing with the scene it started with, but it doesn't feel stretched out at all. The story is fast paced and thrilling, and I am all for it. This is going to be my third Stephen King book, I have read Carrie and On Writing before, and I can't wait to devour it. 

After I am done with Stephen King's Cell, I would love to read Joyland by the same author. The book caught my attention, because of the cover; it is very pulp fiction-ish. If I am not mistaken, the story takes place in a circus, and I enjoy reading everything set in circus. 

Other than these physical books, I am going to be reading some ebooks, and at the moment I am reading 'Lulu The Broadway Mouse' by Jenna Gavigan. This is a middle grade novel about a mouse who wants to become a broadway musical actress. I am only 20 pages in and it is the cutes most adorable thing I have read. The writing style is very engaging with the reader and I am loving Lulu's voice. 

If I manage to finish all of these lovely books, I might read some middle grade ebooks I have for review. 

That is it for my tbr for the month of June. I believe I am being very ambitious this month, but it is fine, because I just finished my uni trimester and I am currently "free". That is it about me, what about you. What is your tbr for the month of June? 

Thank you for reading, and I will see you in my next post.


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