Book Review || Murder Makes Waves by Anne George

Hello Beautiful People 

Today, I finished reading I novel I have been reading for a while, but unable to finish due to University. Now that I've finished, let me share my opinions on it. 

The novel I have finished reading is Murder Makes Waves by Anne George; it is the fourth book in the Southern Sisters series. The genre is cozy mystery. 

I have tried to pitch this book to a friend of mine who enjoys reading crime/mysteries too, however, the fact that the characters are in their sixties and on a vacations seemed too obscure. The plot attracted me, and I was in the mood for a crime novel but without the dark and heavy atmosphere. I wanted something light and mysterious at the same time.

This book is basically that. 'Murder Makes Waves' is about two sisters who go on vacation and then a friend of theirs gets killed. I enjoyed the many aspects the author involves in her story, and it makes the book more enjoyable.

I enjoyed the mystery, but after 200 pages I was done with it. I just wanted to know who the criminal is. The book felt a bit slow for my preference, but everything that happens in the book is there to move the plot forward and build the characters up, so I am not very bothered by it.

The characters are great. They are fun to read about and they have very distinct personalities, I could clearly picture them. I didn't have any difficulties sympathising with them, and I enjoyed the sarcasm thrown around constantly. The relationship between the sisters is accurately depicted, and I can see myself and my sisters in their shoes.

The writing style is not special. It is simple and straight to the point. The conversations are well written, and I enjoyed them the most.

The ending is explosive -wink- it is great for a cozy mystery. Not too over the top, and not a let down.

I am giving this book three stars, because it is great but that is it.

That is the end of my review. Thank you for reading!


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