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Video Art and Commercials (advertisements)

Hello Netizens,
In my last blogpost I talked about video art, what it is and examples of it and I have also clarified how it is different from Film [link]. For this blog, I would like to tackle the difference between Video art and commercials.

Video Art like "Anti Mercato" was created in 2012 by William Kentridge, have a purpose entirely different than an advertisement. In his video, he explores the ability of an artist to avoid time and withstand the linearity of it shown by scientists. This video art is a part of a collection for dOCUMENTA 13 in Kassel, Germany, and its purpose is to challenge our view on time and space and how we view it a as a linear and constructed thing.

With video art you can play around with ideas, techniques and construction, as it is seen here. Kentridge breaks the idea of time by running the film backward, making the drawing appear as if it is being erased rather than drawn. In the drawing - before it was erased - you can see a cat, a man and a …

Poem || Drought

Drop, drop, drop  they keep flowing and falling  like little droplets of rain 
the weather tenses  the wind blows the flags the trees quiver and shiver  I ask why over and over 
dark rivers rain on my face  but soon enough  when drain drags me drought they will dry away  along all the damps  

Video Art || Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman

Hello Netizens,
A new genre of art rose in the late 1960s because of artists such as; Nam June Paik and Andy Warhol. They used videos, through editing or manipulating films, to create art. Which then lead to many new opportunities for self expression. This new medium of art is called, Video art.

Video art is usually used in two different ways, and they are:
Single-channel. Installation. Single-channel is when a video is screen, shown or projected in a collection of images, and usually consists of multiple videos shown simultaneously, performance art or an assemblage of videos. In the other hand, Installation video is when other art mediums, such as; architecture, sculpture or design, are combined together with video. The use of Internet and computer art is becoming more prominent in manipulating films or to control a videos from the Internet, to create video art. Installation video is also considered to be the more common form of video art.

There is a difference between film and video art…

Poem || And The Shadows Grew

He walked along the shadows  with a smile smeared on his face  Lies dripping from his steps 
His eyes closed off every intruder  his eyes, blank, endless Empty of any emotions
The shadows followed  and with every step they grew and with them they engulfed
They grew stronger but he grew further he lost his touch 
The man, blind  he became to his surrounding  the man lost track, to what began his journey

Poem || Woman

She took every step with   grace  and smiled by  the passengers 
She looked, squinted  her eyes stern  as she listened to  the ones in distress 
She cared  loved  She was easily  judged 
She craved with her chest acceptance she wanted care, but all she got was pain and torment
She took every step with awareness her head down fixated
She looked, eyes wide open staring     lost  helpless 
She cared less  Empty  She absorbed  every word spoken