History of Media

Hello Netizens, 

For today I am going to write about the History of Media.

However, before getting into the history of Media, I would like to brief you on Media and what it is. It is the form or tool of content, and it is purpose is to create communicationor or a way of communication. Media usually refers to Mass Media (examples: Television, Radio, Newspapers..ect), nevertheless, it also refers to other means of communication, such as; Smart Phones.

There are three main types of Media, and they are:
  1. Mass Media 
  2. Ancillary or Complimentary Media 
  3. Alternative Media

What is Multimedia?

Multi, according to the Oxford dictionary, means, "More than one; many, especially variegated." Multi comes from the Latin word 'Multus', and it means much, many. 

Hence, we can conclude that multimedia means: Multiple forms or means of media. 

Media through Histroy

The oldest form of media is 40 000 years old, and it is cave painting. They have been found in multiple continents; Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Australia. It is believed Shamans or elders are the ones that did the paintings.

After cave painting, alphabets came to be. The oldest alphabet is called Phoenician alphabet and it is around 1050 BC old. The first printed book, was printed in China 868 C.E. Which after it came the Gutenberg Press in 1455 C.E. 

The earliest methods of communication over a long distances is using written words, through the use of letter. This method of communication dates back to  ancient India, ancient Egypt and Sumer, through Rome, Greece and China and to this very day. 

The beginning of the revolution of communication is when the telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse. This allowed individuals to send messages accross large distances in less time than using horses. After the telegraph, the Telephone was invented in 1890 and the radio in 1891. And they are both still used till this very day, moreover, they have been improved on since the original invention (example: Smartphones). The telephone allowed people across the world to communicate instantly, something humankind hasn't experienced previously. 

Modern Media

According to Bailey Socha and Barbara Eber-Schmid defining modern media isn't easy. However, its effect in the twenty-first century are clear and so far 'New Media' has had effected three main pillars of our society, and they are: 
  1. Economics. 
  2. Politics. 
  3. Exchanging of Ideas. 
Modern Media has effected economics by becoming the global's commercial platform. Where now in the modern age, through fiber optics, the world's cities are connected to each other, and information can easily reach a large international audience. This makes global finance and trade a reality.  

New media is also the process of electronic commerce. 

It has also restructured the way research is done, global economics, communication, writing and acquiring knowledge. In particular, web and blog writing. Modern media hasn't changed much in the way language is used through blog and web writing, however, it revolutionised how individuals structure and nest information into documents.

Types of Modern Media: 
  • Multimedia. 
  • Digital Video and Digital sound.
  • Websites.
  • Blogs, vlogs. 



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