Entry One || The Six Ws

Hello Netizens, 

For my first entry on this weekly Journal, let me introduce myself, using the 6 Ws. 

First W
Who am I? 

I am Alaa Alkhulaqui, a creative multimedia student from the country Yemen, and currently living in Malaysia. I have been in Malaysia for three years - can't speak Malay yet - and I will be spending longer time in this beautiful country as I go for my degree.

Mind map about me
Second W
What makes me, me? 

Many things makes me who I am today, my family perhaps or the shows I grew up watching as a little Kid. Nevertheless, what I believe really makes me today are my ambitions and hopes for the future. 

Third W
When did I become who I am? 

Everyday I grow to become a different person, with different set of morals or new and hopefully better opinions. I try my best to be open for all opinions and ideas - even if they make me uncomfortable - for the sake of becoming the best version of "Me."

Fourth W
Why do I try to be me?  

As I mentioned before, that I am a creative multimedia student, I am going after something that is considered by the majority to be risky or simply a waste of time. I want to become an animator, because I believe animation isn't just "entertainment", but also a form of media to communicate and influence. 

I try to be me, to speak through a form of expression and leave a lasting impressing in the viewers. 

Fifth W
How do I try to be me?

I have taken the first step by going to University and finally taking my passion seriously. Everyday, I am working toward my ambition. It is difficult and sometimes stressing, and I'd find myself stuck in this circle of doubt. However, I am pushing through it!

Final W
When will I become me? 

I believe, I will never become the "me" I want - we always change and even our standards change - but I will never stop going after what I believe I have to achieve and what is right to strive for. 


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