Rant || The Circly By Dave Eggers

Hello Netizens, 

Recently I have read The Circle by Dave Eggers, and here are my thoughts and feelings.

First of all, I am a little disappointed.

I have multiple issues, which I came across while reading The Circle. These issues didn't stand out to me at the beginning of the book, however they began to appear when Mae attended her first conference at The Circle.

One of the main issues I have with this book is Mae, the main character of this story. She is gullible, she is quickly brainwashed and she is illogical. I know not all characters have to be "good" and I certainly know not all characters have to be "likeable"; however, I do expect something in return for the negative qualities a character has. I also would have preferred if the author actually made us side with her, by giving her some form of logic.

Now that we've mentioned logic. There is no logic in the story. Sometimes, I would find my self agreeing on some aspects of the Circle's vision or goals, but soon enough a character has to either say something soooo extreme or carry their idea in an unrealistically or over the top way.
"Secrets Are Lies
Sharing Is Caring
Privacy Is Theft"

how am I supposed to believe millions of people (majority) saw no issue with these statements. These statements are clearly false and certainly scary when you realise the majority in the book have no issue with them.

Moreover, the narrative makes everyone entitled. Entitled to knowing everything about everyone. The story paints people as hungry for knowing what everyone else is doing all the time, and demand 24/7 transparency (from government officials). They feel they have the right to know.
"Of course. It's a mirror. It's reality."

Was this supposed to contradict itself? I am honestly not sure. Should I explain why this quote bother me? a mirror is 2D, so it distorts reality. A mirror is just a reflection. The character says this to describe how the app displays individuals (the main character was complaining to him on how she was displayed).

The book isn't really messed up or dark, it is just the fact that regular people in the book are okay with what is happening freaks you out a little.

Finally, I don't hate this book, and I had a little fun reading it. I don't think the book is too long, reading it felt easy. Would I recommend this to you? Not really, it doesn't bring anything new to table and it paints an obscure version of our world. However, if you want to read it, I won't stop you.


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