Hello Netizens,
For one my Media Appreciation lectures we had to talk about a social media platform that came to rise and influence the lives of a large number of individuals, and I decided to pick Twitter.

Before I begun using twitter, I didn't really realise the point of it and I didn't know why anyone would use it - the word limit count sounded so weird to me. I also thought  no one really uses it and it is not important overall. However, I realised how wrong I was when I started using it daily and following individuals I wanted to know more about.

The reason that made join this community is so I can discover new artists from different countries, such as: Korea and Japan. Nevertheless, I slowly began following my favourite youtubers and then comedians, until one day I found myself reading news on twitter, debates and politicians' tweets.

So what is Twitter?

Twitter is a new media platform that allows you to “tweet” short messages to the world, within the limit of 140 characters. It is a great platform for self-expression, sharing opinions and communicating with a large number of people at once. Another way to describe twitter is that it is microblogging. Twitter also allows you to discover interesting individuals and keep up with their daily messages for as long as you are interested in them.

It also gives a platform to celebrities, politicians and important individuals to directly communicate to the people who are interested in their thoughts or want to know more about them. Where before, high profile people had to go to broadcast media to say a statement or acknowledge something or someone.

What made twitter a popular site to use is its character limit. It pushes individuals to write or construct their message in a more creative manner, so they would send the whole message without leaving any information out. Moreover, the character limit allows you to read multiple tweets one after another and consume more media than you would usually do on other platforms, which is ideal for our current (modern) attention span. 
Individuals use twitter for a vast amount of reasons and the type of content they share is different too. News, Gossip, Self-promotion, political discussion and many more, can all be tweeted on twitter. Currently, cable news use twitter too to spread their articles and news to a larger audience. Police departments are also using twitter to help them catch suspects and directly communicate with the people they are protecting.

Some individuals point out that twitter is simply "amateur journaling", but I would like to argue. Twitter provides another or multiple perspectives to an issue happening. As we all know, mainstream media filters opinions and events to fit a certain narrative, but with social media such as twitter there are no filters. Everyone can say what they feel, experience and think.

Finally, twitter is not only designed for one purpose but can be used for various goals in mind. You can use it for messaging, blogging or texting. It might take you a little while to get used to it, but as soon as you get the hang of it you will become addicted to the platform.