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I slept, surrounded by ashes  blinded  by the thick incense  
What is it  that is left  what was it  that I kept
I watched what was a house  burn to the ground 
I watched  whatever was inside  turn to dust  in a night 

Poem || LEAVE

I extend  my arm to catch  a glimpse, a touch, a feel
I extend  and wonder about  what lies underneath
I extend  worried  afraid 
I extend  but question   should I or should I leave 
I extend  I stop  I look around
I look  I realise  I should leave 

Media Workers || The Kardashians

Hello Netizens,
Before getting into the topic, I would like to show the two slides we had to create for one of the lectures I had in Media Appreciation class.

You can read more about the topic in my blogpost here.

Okay, now lets get to this blogpost's topic, which is "Media workers roles". To define the roles of a media worker, we need to understand what a media worker is, which is a little difficult to do. The term 'Media worker' is extremely broad and it covers individuals that work on television, movies, live performances, social media and print. This field is also ever growing, and it is expected to rise 5% over the course of 10 years in the USA.

Due to that Media Workers can be anyone, the skills required to become one can vary depending on the field. Nevertheless, there are traits that are required for a media worker to embody. These traits are:
Excellent in the language they are communication with. Excellent communication skills. Punctual. Can work effic…


Hello Netizens,
For one my Media Appreciation lectures we had to talk about a social media platform that came to rise and influence the lives of a large number of individuals, and I decided to pick Twitter.

Before I begun using twitter, I didn't really realise the point of it and I didn't know why anyone would use it - the word limit count sounded so weird to me. I also thought  no one really uses it and it is not important overall. However, I realised how wrong I was when I started using it daily and following individuals I wanted to know more about.

The reason that made join this community is so I can discover new artists from different countries, such as: Korea and Japan. Nevertheless, I slowly began following my favourite youtubers and then comedians, until one day I found myself reading news on twitter, debates and politicians' tweets.

So what is Twitter?
Twitter is a new media platform that allows you to “tweet” short messages to the world, within the limit of 140 …

Describe || Documentaries

Hello Netizens,
Documentaries is one of the genres films offer, and it has been part of our history for a while. For today's blogpost, I would like to introduce you to the different types of documentaries documentaries and why they are different.

What is a Documentary? According to the Oxford dictionary, Documentary means, "A film or television or radio programme that provides a factual report on a particular subject." Bill Nichol's book 'Introdction to Documentary' outlines the six different types of Documentaries. Furthermore, these genres aren't solid but fluid as they can vary from one another. 
Six Types of Documentaries Documentary mode is a concept made by the American documentary theorist Bill Nichols. He wanted to distinguish between the different traits and style of documentaries.

Poetic Documentaries:
According to the author, they begun in the 1920s. They are documentaries that focuses on making the viewer experience the scene, through showi…

History of Media || Cinema

Hello Netizens,
We all grew up watching films either on television or the silver screen. Films have influenced us in the way we think and view situations or people. Cinema being the primary source of this medium, reflects on how it became a prominent part of our society.

Cinematography  Lets start with defining cinematography; it is the illusion of motion. Cinematography is based on optical phenomena called "persistence of vision" and "the phi phenomenon," which cause the brain to maintain images projected upon the retina of the eye for less than second after they disappear from the field of sight, As the images appear quickly one after another, it creates the illusion of movement.

There is not an inventor for cinema, as it is a result of collaborating different works of multiple individuals. However, the Edison Company is first to create a prototype of the kinetoscope. The  Lumière brothers are the first to present moving pictures to a paying audience.