Poem || A Response

Hello netizens, 

For one of my classes I had to write two poems that responded to the poems we were given. I personally enjoy reading and writing, so why not start by sharing one of the poems.

The poem I responded to is 'Virtue' by George Herbert. When I read this poem, I believed it is about the sun setting and the night taking over the land. During the day the earth holds so much beauty, however, during the night everything feels so dead. Recently, I came to the realisation that the poem holds so much more meaning than what I thought it did, so forgive the incompetent old me.

I didn't name the poem when I wrote it, so let me name it now. Here is me response to virtue, 'Its Alive!'

It is alive! 
If you knew where to land your eyes, 
listened to the music a bird might chant
or gave some attention to the lives 
that wonder and live at night 

It is alive! 
when it might seem lonely and dark 
or depressing for the silence it invites 
but for a traveler its stars are a map and a guide 
or a friend that accompanies a broken heart 

It is alive!
calming after a long day 
silent, where you can arrange your plans
Or rethink the choices you have made 
It is a break for a soul with a distressing life 

It is a friend 
the night, that accompanies 
listens to what have been holding you down 
or keeping you alarmed 
It prepares you to face the sun as it rise